Miners’ Leader Chris Kitchen Photo thanks to Chris Bevan former Askern Miner www.chrisbevanphotography.co.uk

Responding to issues raised by A. Matthewson, H. Parfitt, M. Thomson and S. Jones relating to the status of the National Union of Mineworkers the Certification Officer (CO) has declared that she is satisfied that the NUM and most NUM areas continue to meet the statutory definition of a trade union.
The CO has taken the preliminary view that NUM (North East) Area and NUM (Scotland) Area no longer fall within that definition and accordingly it is likely that these areas will be removed from the schedule of trade unions.
Commenting on the outcome of this enquiry Chris Kitchen, NUM National Secretary said “This is yet another failed attempt by a number of former members to undermine the integrity of the NUM and prevent the Union from continuing with the valuable services that we offer to current and former members. The Union accepts the outcome, but we are disappointed that once again we have been forced to spend time and our members money defending unwarranted complaints”
Regarding the position of Scotland and North East Areas he said “It is a pity that due to the actions of certain individuals these areas will no longer be recognised as independent trade unions. However, Scotland and the North East will continue as administrative areas of the National Union of Mineworkers and I want to assure all members and former members in those areas that this union will continue to represent them and their families as we have always done”.

By Paul