The case was heard over five days in March in the High Court in Manchester before His Honour Judge Eyre QC. The NUM was represented by the Union’s solicitors Mssrs. Clarke Willmott and the IEMO was represented by Arthur Scargill, former President of the NUM.

This was the resolution of a longstanding dispute arising out of a bridging loan made by the NUM to its former CEO Roger Windsor in 1984. Acting on behalf of the NUM, IEMO commenced proceedings against Mr. Windsor in France and eventually succeeded in obtaining a judgement against him and recovered a sum of money in 2012. Throughout much of this period the proceedings were conducted by Mr Scargill who was a full time employee of the NUM and later the NUM Yorkshire and Lancashire Area Trust Funds. However IEMO failed to repay to the NUM the money that the Union had expended on the case, insisting that it was under no obligation to do so.

The High Court disagreed and has now ordered IEMO to pay to the NUM the sum of £161,299.29 by 19 July 2019. The Union is also seeking to recover further sums in respect of legal costs and will also continue to receive additional future payments from Mr. Windsor.

Chris Kitchen

Responding to the Decision of the Court, Chris Kitchen, NUM Secretary made the following statement;-

“This has been a long and protracted dispute which I inherited when I was first elected in 2007. It is regrettable that our efforts to resolve the issues amicably were rejected by IEMO and that it was necessary to take this action in the High Court. This was very difficult litigation in circumstances where for long periods the NUM has been under attack from some former members who are determined to undermine the integrity of the organisation and its officials and employees. However the action was justified and I note that the Court accepted the testimony of the Union’s witnesses and rejected that of the IEMO, particularly Mr Scargill, whose evidence was found to be unreliable in many respects. On behalf of NUM members and former members I am delighted with the outcome of this case which will enable the Union to continue working to protect their interests in future.”

Those who wish to read the full judgement in the case may do so by following this link……

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