At a time when it seems “bad news” is the “watch word of the day” it is nice to be able for a change, to be able to report something positive.

The Trustees of the Frickley / South Elmsall Miners Welfare Trust are to be congratulated for actually helping organisations in their community in these austere times, rather than just paying “lip service” to the aims and ideals set out on the Charity Commissioner’s Registered Website. With the help of former Frickley Colliery Miner Jeff Johnson MBE (awarded for his devotion to his community and charity work), who produced an action plan to enable the following Organisations all to benefit from the generosity of the Frickley Miners Welfare Trustees: Upton Rugby Club, Frickley Athletic Community Foundation & Football Club, Frickley Colliery Welfare Cricket Club, Carlton “Crotchets” (Junior Band) Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band & Upton United Juniors Community Sports Club & Friends of Frickley Park, all of the named groups make an invaluable contribution to the local community of South Elmsall, Upton, Moorthorpe & Frickley.

Following an emergency Trustees Meeting chaired by John “Chick” Pickin, it was decided that all the named organisations would be given a dispensation with regards to the rent paid by them to the Trust Fund, in that this would be waived this year in recognition of the impact Covid-19 virus is having on Sporting and Recreational activities. The Trustees also decided, unanimously to award a grant to each organisation to enable improvements to their facilities and to attempt to plan to secure a future going forward. This generous gesture will make a real difference within the community and the NUM believe that the Frickley Miners Welfare Trust are to be congratulated for their actions.

Meanwhile it was also discussed that the Allotment Society, whilst not desirous of any grant finding, would however benefit from the same “rent arrangement benefit”. Mr Pickin agreed that he would arrange this assistance after discussions with the Allotment holders.

The NUM (Yorkshire Area) would like to take this opportunity to thank Frank Clarke (Secretary & Trustee Member) of the South Kirkby & Hemsworth Miners Welfare Fund & Trustees of that Trust Fund who recently wound up the Fund after being in existence since 1964. Throughout that time they have diligently provided assistance to the sick, convalescents, disabled and infirm former employees of Hemsworth & South Kirkby Collieries. They have generously decided to divide the remaining funds up between local Hospices, Miners Holiday Homes at Scarborough & Scalby. These gestures from these near neighbours really does epitomise the True Mining Community spirit of providing help where it is truly needed.