Which fossil fuel could you place in your mouth without causing damage? That would be wood would it not? A lot of ‘wood’ there, what fossil fuel is warmer more efficient and you can still place in your mouth without ill effect? Coal of course, you knew that anyway, but value of coal to people is not just by burning it there are many uses that help sustain our existence on the planet you may have seen the ‘coal tree’ showing the many useful uses derived from coal. What you may not be aware of is that coal contains Rare Earth metals. Researchers have found a way to extract rare materials and metals from coal in an efficient, cheap and environmentally friendly way. Scientists from the University of Kentucky say the new method of producing high-grade rare earth elements will make manufacturing the essential components found in mobile phones, computers, and other technological applications much cleaner. Materials such as neodymium and yttrium, which are used to make chemicals and equipment in the renewable energy sector, represented more than 45% of the total concentrate recovered. With demand for these technologies at all time high, the researchers think the discovery could make a significant difference to the environmental aspects of the process and the related industries. You would think that anyone with an abundance of coal, or an island built on coal for example would take advantage?

By Paul