The latest briefing paper on the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme placed in the House of Commons Library 25 July 2018 is worth a read (click here).
The paper covers the issues raised by mining MP’s who were members of the NUM at the time and those that continue to help.
It also acknowledges and references the work of Les Moore’s ‘Mineworkers Pension Scheme for Justice and fair play Association’ and that the campaign is calling for a review of the 50/50 sharing of surpluses to be changed to reflect: a more realistic percentage which reflects the guarantors’ risk and recover all monies that rightly belong to the mineworkers of the UK.
It should be pointed out here that although there are those who feel that an MP’s Early Day Motion (EDM) is a waste of time the fact that a well worded EDM in support of miners’ pensions is not shown as supported by all Labour MP’s does not help our cause and we urge all MP’s to support the case for a review and support EDM’s that reflect that.



By Paul