May 8, 2018

One the one side the Conservatives having expelled Russians for (according to the government) poisoning people in Salisbury and bombing Syria for (according to the government) poisoning its own people are aided and abetted by the media machine that poisons anyone that doesn’t serve the interests of those who ‘own and control’, had to mount a ‘Herculean effort’, to deliver candidates for 4,400 of the 4,413 wards and they managed to get 1,332 elected.

On the other side is Labour whose parliamentary party are not exactly united behind its leader and it goes without saying that without a ‘Blair like leader’ the media machine will do all it can to oppose Corbyn, yet Labour managed to get 2,350 candidates elected.

The antidote to the poison is of course the truth. Now there are lots of things you can do with numbers so let’s put it simple Labour won more than the Conservatives. Spin it how you like but that is what happened.


By Paul