Kellingley Colliery December 2015

Kellingley Protective Award

The hearing concluded on 18 May 2017 after 4 days of evidence, cross examinations, and closing submissions from John Hendy QC on behalf of the NUM, the barrister for the 1st respondent UK Coal Kellingley in liquidation (who is paying their bill?) and the barrister for the 2nd respondent the Secretary of State.

A favourable decision should cover everyone made redundant from Kellingley since the issuing of the HR1 and section 188 letter on the 1 April 2014. The 1st respondent (although it will not cost them a penny as they are insolvent and don’t have any money) are seeking to limit any payment from a successful outcome to those who were made redundant in December 2015.

The case is subject to a reserved decision and the Tribunal panel will not get together (due to a backlog of cases) until July so a decision is not expected until the end of July/early August.

By Paul