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Nottingham Area NUM Claims Report 

I am pleased to record that in the first few months of this year the Area has been successful in winning appeals at Tribunals in relation to Industrial Injuries resulting in over £10,000.00 lump sum payments to the members plus substantial monthly payments. Many other claims pursued are awarded without going to appeal.

There are several appeals pending and hopefully these will be successful.

The Area was also successful pursuing a change of circumstances payment with the member receiving £13,000.00 from an Industrial Injury claim that had not been paid with arrears dating back to 1997.

Posthumous payments for pneumoconiosis are always pursued for the widows members who sadly past away. Although their widows received compensation and help towards the funeral costs it would have benefited the members concerned if they had received the compensation for pneumoconiosis while they were still alive.

Following on from the posthumous payments from the DWP and the Pneumoconiosis Scheme, successful claims from the Midland Miners Fatal Accident Relief Society have been made.

The Midland Miners Fatal Accident Relief Society entitles widows and family members to a payment of £700 towards the cost of the funeral for the deceased miner if pneumoconiosis is recorded on the death certificate, or he was in receipt of payments awarded by the DWP. There is also a payment of £6 per week to the widow.

The Society covers 70 coal mines in the Midlands Area and the families of any miner who worked in any one of the mines covered can claim these benefits.

The NUM with the help of Sir Alan Meale are still pursuing the right for all miners with any chest problems being able to access a CT scan as opposed to an x-ray which the former is more efficient in picking up the changes in miners lungs.

The Area was also successful in overturning a decision by the DWP for one of our members who was turned down for pneumoconiosis on the results of an ex-ray.

As the member was suffering badly with his chest he was advised to ask his GP if he would send him for a CT scan. The Area then sent these results to the DWP for a Mandatory Reconsideration. The new evidence resulted in the original decision being overturned and the miner was awarded 8% for life.

This clearly shows that CT Scans should replace x-rays as a means of detecting both Pneumoconiosis and Silicosis.

Alan Spencer
General Secretary
Nottingham Area