Arthur Scargill, the former President of the NUM has lost the latest round in his ongoing litigation against the union.

On 22 August 2017 Leeds County Court heard Mr Scargill’s claim for recovery of £5769.00 plus interest and costs which he had paid for a replacement security system at his home in Barnsley. The Judge agreed that the union has a duty to act in the members’ interests and decided that the NUM had acted reasonably when it requested a second quote from an independent contractor to ensure that this represented best value. Mr Scargill had refused to allow the union the opportunity of obtaining alternative quotations for the work and consequently he was not entitled to recover the money he had paid for the security system. During the proceedings Mr Scargill, who represented himself, failed to prove his case despite prolonged questioning of NUM Secretary, Chris Kitchen. After the hearing Mr Kitchen said “I am obviously pleased at the outcome of this case but at a time when the union is doing its best to represent current and former members it’s a pity that yet again we are having to devote time and resources dealing with Mr Scargill’s complaints which are of no benefit to anyone except himself”.

By Paul