By now most of you will have made up your mind up which way to vote and it goes without saying, the NUM is affiliated to the Labour Party, so you know which Party we support.
Here are 3 reasons why you should consider voting Labour taken from their Manifesto:
• A Labour government will commit to an immediate review of the mineworkers’ pension scheme and British Coal superannuation scheme surplus, sharing arrangements between government and scheme beneficiaries.
• Labour will hold public inquiries into historic injustices. We will open inquiries into Orgreave and blacklisting. We will release all papers relating to the Shrewsbury 24 trials and the 37 Cammell Laird shipyard workers.
• We will set up an inquiry into blacklisting and will urge the Scottish Government to hold an inquiry into the actions of Scottish police during the miners’ strike.

To have these commitments from the Labour Party are reasons alone for all those who worked in the coal mining industry to vote for them and they demonstrate the Labour Party have listened to what the NUM have been saying.
The Conservatives called this election because the opportunist politicians thought they and their friends could board the gravy train for a longer journey and increase their number.
They had the champagne on ice. They took it for granted that they were assured of victory. However during this campaign, they have shown that they do not understand the difficulties faced by the young and the older. They do not understand what it is like for those who are working harder and longer for less and less reward and with no job security.

The Labour Party have run an excellent campaign which has connected with many people and has shown that they have won the support of many of those who the Conservatives took for granted.
For all those who have not voted by post, first and foremost USE YOUR VOTE, and use your vote FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW we urge you to consider giving your vote to LABOUR on 8 June.

National Union of Mineworkers
Chris Kitchen Secretary
Nicky Wilson President
Wayne Thomas Vice-President

By Paul