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Russia comes to the rescue as Norwegian gas supplies to Britain falter
Russia rescued British energy consumers by ensuring a steady flow of gas into the power network as supplies from Norway faltered during the cold weather, industry customers users said today.
Parliamentary Question - Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Parliamentary Question - Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Coal - is it a competitor to new nuclear?
With the development of ‘clean’ technologies, coal could continue to play a major part in the generation mix. But first both technical and economic challenges need to be overcome.
Power firms face accusations of profiteering from big freeze
Energy companies have been accused of profiteering by failing to pass on steep falls in world gas prices to consumers at a time when bitterly cold weather means soaring bills for tens of millions of customers.
Coal has leapfrogged gas as the UK's main energy source as cold spell bites
Keep Kellingley Open
Kellingley Miners Vote Work To Keep Kellingley Open Whilst some may report this vote is to accept the closure of Kellingley Colliery they are misguided. Whilst there is any possibility of keeping the mine open the men at the Big K will not give up. There should be a solution to keep the pit open,

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Kellingley Branch Meeting
NUM Kellingley Branch Meeting 13.04.14 Miner's met on Sunday to hear reports of the current situation at Kellingley Colliery. They heard that the Government was prepared to support UK Coal's “Proposed Management Run Off Plan” at Kellingley by issuing a commercial loan of £10m.The

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Save Thoresby
Sign The Petition - Save Thoresby Colliery Léonie Mathers, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sherwood, said: “If it’s true the Government has given up and are to allow the closure of Thoresby Colliery, this is devastating news for our area. As long as there are still op

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e-petition Save Kellingley
Save Kellingley Colliery I want the Government to help stop the closure of Kellingley Colliery in West Yorkshire and the loss of over 700 jobs, we have local power stations to burn the coal mined there and stocks of coal for at least twenty five years of mining.

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