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NUM Endorsement

NUM Endorse Labour Candidate for 2014 European Elections, Yorkshire & Humber Region

Helen Mirfin-Boukouris has been a member of the Labour Party for over 20 years, she is a trade unionist and member of UNISON.

Helen is proud of her history and not afraid to stand side by side with miners' and the coal industry.  She is a sitting Labour Councillor with plenty of campaigning experience and keeps her feet on the ground.

Helen is endorsed by NACODS and the NUM and we urge our members to do what they can to support her.  For those who have a vote in the 2014 European Elections in the Yorkshire & Humber Region election:


Fuel Deliveries.

Concessionary fuel deliveries for former UK Coal employees who retired following privatisation were suspended as a result of UK Coal going insolvent on 9 July 2013. 

Following the suspension of the fuel deliveries and cash in lieu payments the NUM along with the other mining Unions whose Members have been affected met with the Energy Minister Mr M Fallon MP and requested that the Minister take over the liability for providing concessionary fuel in retirement as we believe he can under the Coal Industry act 1994 (Paragraph 19 – (1) a, b, and c)

The Minister while not accepting that he had such an obligation did agree to consider the option. Conference calls have taken place to put together a briefing document between the NUM and other Union representatives with Officials at DECC. This document has now been submitted to the Minister and we are waiting for his response


Scottish Coal cuts 600 jobs.

Scottish Coal announced on Friday that it had gone into liquidation. Almost 600 jobs were lost as KPMG were called in. Scottish Coal operates six open cast mines in Scotland. The NUM and other Unions will seek discussions with KPMG and interested parties to retain as many jobs as possible going forward. This is the third blow to the Coal Mining Industry in the UK this year following on from the closure of Maltby Colliery in Yorkshire and the Daw Mill Mine in Warwickshire and takes the UK one step closer to being reliant on imported coal for our future energy needs.


The five day inquest into the death of Gerry Gibson who died aged 49 at Kellingley Colliery when a section of the roof in the tailgate of the 502 coalface collapsed on 27th September 2011 has concluded with the Coroner instructing the jury to return a narrative verdict.

Our thoughts and sympathies are with Gerry's family who have had to relive the tragedy for the last 5 days of the inquest.  Yorkshire Area and Branch Officials Keith Hartshorne and Keith Poulson who attended the inquest said that the family's strength would help the men at the pit never forget their workmate.

Narrative verdicts were introduced in 2004.  A Narrative Verdict is a verdict available to coroners in England and Wales following an inquest.  In such a verdict the circumstances of a death are recorded without attributing the cause to a named individual.


Margaret Hilda Thatcher divided the country while alive and it would appear so in death.  The decision by the British Government to hold a ceremonial funeral with military honours, a tribute usually reserved for senior members of the royal family, can only be seen as divisive.

To cap it all the Government preaches "austerity" and "fiscal conservatism" then it tells the people they will foot the bill for a funeral without a budget.

What is the division?

  • No money to pay for a funeral of a loved one? You may get "up to £700" for funeral expenses which can be caled back from the deceased estate.

  • Got plently of money and just spent the last 3 or 4 months in The Ritz, London? Don't worry the State will pay for the funeral whatever it costs.

It may be that some of those Tories who finally managed to do what most people wanted and kick her out of Downing Street have a conscience after all when they remember her tears - to the rest of us this just stinks.

If you are able to sign the petition you may at least register an objection.



Why shouldn't Kellingley and Thoresby have remained open into 2018?

In a report prepared for the NUM and TUC "Merits of UK Coal State Aid Application" it is argued that rather than close Kellingley and Thorseby in 2015 they could remain open until 2018. Other EU member states have and still are benefiting from the fund whilst making a case for extended funding.

"It can be seen that our European competitors are taking a strategic decision to support their coal industry during managed wind down of uncompetitive coal mines, and are providing substantial sums under European State Aid regulations. As an example, Germany’s closure plans are designed to address the social impact of job losses, and specifically to allow sufficient time to enable direct and indirect supply chains to adjust. To date the UK has made little use of state-aid provisions for the sector, either under the previous regulations or current Closure Aid."

The full report can be read here

Joint Union Statement on Spycops inquiryWe the undersigned are outraged at the news that despite court orders to the contrary, the Metropolitan Police Service has destroyed evidence required for use in the Undercover Policing Public Inquiry. State spying on trade unions and political campaigns is a

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Complaints Struck Out
Mr Mathewson made seven complaints alleging the union had breached its rules and one complaint of the union’s breach of Chapter IV of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992. Following correspondence, the Certification Officer struck out all eight complaints under section

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Memorial Event
The NUM Yorkshire Area are pleased to announce that Kevin Maguire and David Anderson MP are to be the speakers at this years David Jones & Joe Green Memorial. All are welcome to attend.      

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Miners Pensions
  Click Here For MPS Information  

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