Following NUM NEC meeting 14 January 2020 backing was given for Angela Rayner to become Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and Lisa Nandy to be become leader of the Labour Party. The gender of the candidates was not an issue. All candidates were considered to be suitable. The need to win back support for the Labour Party from former mining communities was a consideration and both nominations are on the ‘coalface’ so to speak. We need to work hard to win the next General Election and the work starts now and whoever is elected as Leader and Deputy Leader will have the support of the National Union of Mineworkers.

Press reports:

New Statesman

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NEU Manifesto Comparisons

The NEU has set up a website to show the comparison between the Labour Party and Tory Party manifesto pledges on education for every school in England. To see how the result of the General Election will affect the school that your children/grandchildren attend please follow the link:

Pneumoconiosis-The Myth of the Service Requirement.

We have recently been contacted by a couple of former members who wanted to know if they could claim benefit for pneumo even though they did not have ten years’ service in the mining industry. Further enquiries reveal that there may be many others who believe it is necessary to have ten years’ service to make a claim, this is incorrect. In fact there is no requirement to demonstrate any minimum length of service. Pneumoconiosis, which includes silicosis and asbestosis is a Prescribed Disease known as PD D1 and anyone suffering from this disease who has worked at a coal-mine, underground or on the surface, is entitled to claim Industrial Injuries Disablement benefit from DWP regardless of the length of their service. If you worked at the pit and you have been told you have this disease you should make a claim either online or through the local office of Job Centre Plus.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Statutory Instrument 2019 No. 1241 was laid before Parliament in September 2019 and will come into force 9 December 2019 when A15 Dupuytren’s contracture is added to the list of Prescribed Industrial Injuries.

The prescription below is what you would need to be able to comply with in order to put in a claim through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

BEIS Select Committee update on the MPS.

Rachel Reeves MP Chair of the BEIS Select Committee following receiving a request from the NUM has written to both Chris Cheetham Chairman of the Mineworkers Pension Scheme Trustees and the RT HON Kwasi Kwarteng MP Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth. Below are the replies she has received. Obviously these while not the replies we would have hoped for they are inline with what we would expect which is why the NUM continues to push for the BEIS Select Committee to conduct an investigation into the Government guarantee and the 50/50 surplus sharing arrangement. An equal split is not always a fair split.

The NUM formally write to request a Select Committee hearing into MPS Guarantee.

The NUM has been working with a group of supportive Labour Party MP’s in preparation to request a Select Committee hearing into the Mineworkers Pension Scheme (MPS) Government guarantee and the 50/50 surplus sharing arrangement. The NUM has held back from submitting a formal request as we were aware from comments made by the Minister in a recent parliamentary backbench debate (arranged by Grahame Morris MP) on the MPS that proposals had been put to him by the MPS Trustees. Proposals which he was referring to the Treasury with his support. As the NUM were not aware what these proposals were but had been told that the MPS Trustee Chairman (MR C Cheetham) would be shortly writing to members to explain.

Well the Chairman of the MPS Trustees has now written to all MPS members and it appears as if nothing has so far been agreed with the Government. Given what can be gleaned from the letter as to what proposals have been put forward if agreed it will have no meaningful effect on pensions until at least 2023. For this reason the NUM have now formally written to Rachel Reeves MP Chair of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee requesting that her committee hold a hearing into the MPS to determine whether retired miners and their widows and dependants are receiving a fair share.


MPS negotiations with Government update.

There has been an agreement between the MPS Trustees and the Government. As the Trustees want the Scheme members to know the details of the arrangement before it is made public, as not all Scheme members will have access to the internet it has been decided that a letter will be sent out next week. There will be a brief statement put on the MPS website which will be extended on once members have received their letters.

A National Permanent Memorial for Miners.

At the second time of asking permission has been granted for a National Permanent memorial to commemorate the men, women and children who worked in the mining industry in the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire. Thank you to everyone who has helped to made this a reality.