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Coal Keeps You Safe & Warm

Remember the recent headlines about how wind power has now replaced coal and the king is dead. Not that there is anything wrong with wind, solar, tidal or any other form of power that helps us survive. Whilst coal still has a role it can and should be used cleanly and extracted from under our

Energy News Items

As the lobbying gets louder, coal power stations may not go quietly Energy companies in Italy and Spain have faced unexpected local opposition to their own plans to shut polluting plants EU regulators to investigate Spanish scheme for coal power plants First Poland, Then Germany, Now Spain: Europe Rejects Coal Phase Out

Spain resists coal phase-out

By Aline Robert | | translated by Paola Tamma The Spanish government is challenging a decision by its main electricity provider to shut down two coal-fired power plants. An attitude that contravenes the Paris Agreement on climate change. The Spanish government has engaged in a strange stand-off over Iberdrola’s plan to phase out coal,

UK Energy Watch

Electricity Fuel Type – Instantaneous real-time data Fuel type Current Power Combined Cycle Gas Turbine 21,134 MW 53.5 % Open Cycle Gas Turbine 0 MW 0.0 % Oil 0 MW 0.0 % Coal 7,434 MW 18.8 % Nuclear 6,650 MW 16.8 % Wind 3,376 MW 8.5 % Pumped Storage Hydro 398 MW 1.0 % Non


USA: DOE-Supported Petra Nova Captures More Than 1 Million Tons of CO2 The world’s largest post-combustion carbon capture system has reached a major milestone, capturing more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The Petra Nova project, located at NRG’s W.A. Parish power generating station near Houston,

NUM News Extracts on the World Energy Market

24 November 2017 November Budget Info The carbon price currently stands at roughly £24 per tonne of CO2, made up of £18/tCO2 from the UK’s carbon price floor and £6/tCO2 from the EU Emissions Trading System. The £18/tCO2 carbon price floor was extended by a year at Budget 2016, to April 2021

Coal not so dirty as you may think

Which fossil fuel could you place in your mouth without causing damage? That would be wood would it not? A lot of ‘wood’ there, what fossil fuel is warmer more efficient and you can still place in your mouth without ill effect? Coal of course, you knew that anyway, but value of coal to people

Clement Attlee 3 Jan 1883 to 8 October 1967

8 October 2017  50 years since the passing of Clement Attlee. Lead the Labour Party to the landslide election victory of 1945. As Prime Minister he oversaw the introduction of the NHS and the Welfare State. Impressive achievements by any rule of thumb. Attlee was born in 1883 into an affluent family, studied law at

Scargill v National Union of Mineworkers

Arthur Scargill, the former President of the NUM has lost the latest round in his ongoing litigation against the union. On 22 August 2017 Leeds County Court heard Mr Scargill’s claim for recovery of £5769.00 plus interest and costs which he had paid for a replacement security system at his home in Barnsley. The Judge

Mathewson v National Union of Mineworkers

Mr Mathewson having had all of 8 of his complaints against the NUM struck out by the Certification Officer was seeking to appeal the decisions to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). The case was heard 11 August 2017. The EAT at the hearing refused to admit Mr Mathewson’s appeal. Mr Mathewson was in court with