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The headlines almost 12 months ago were “Britain goes without coal for the first time ‘since Industrial Revolution’”. 12 months on and when the cold started to bite, can anyone tell us the last day that if coal was not burned to generate electricity the lights would not have gone out? Total coal imports in

Mineworkers Pension Scheme ERRORS

Mineworkers Pension Scheme We have been informed that an error has occurred that has resulted in a number of MPS members mistakenly being issued with new tax codes. We are told that this is being rectified as a matter of the highest priority by Capita and HMRC. Affected members will be contacted shortly to advise


The Industrial Injuries Advisory Council recommended that the condition known as Dupuytren’s Contracture should be Prescribed as an Industrial Disease. The government have rejected this advice saying, “Only after full consideration of the impact is the Secretary of State in a position to decide whether to accept or reject a recommendation from IIAC and to

Dirty Old Tricks

The NUM continue to explore every avenue in relation to the historic injustice that miners’ endure in relation to pneumoconiosis. First it was the x-ray and ‘no significant change’ then it was put down to ‘emphysema and smoking’ and now without prescription the DWP have introduced breathing tests that have nothing to do with pneumoconiosis

Rub Some More Salt In

With news that the political party that destroyed the coal industry wants to hold an event at the National Coal Mining Museum for England should they be surprised that people are upset? Read the Durham Miners response here Read NUM response here

Coal Keeps You Safe & Warm

Remember the recent headlines about how wind power has now replaced coal and the king is dead. Not that there is anything wrong with wind, solar, tidal or any other form of power that helps us survive. Whilst coal still has a role it can and should be used cleanly and extracted from under our

Energy News Items

As the lobbying gets louder, coal power stations may not go quietly Energy companies in Italy and Spain have faced unexpected local opposition to their own plans to shut polluting plants EU regulators to investigate Spanish scheme for coal power plants First Poland, Then Germany, Now Spain: Europe Rejects Coal Phase Out

Spain resists coal phase-out

By Aline Robert | | translated by Paola Tamma The Spanish government is challenging a decision by its main electricity provider to shut down two coal-fired power plants. An attitude that contravenes the Paris Agreement on climate change. The Spanish government has engaged in a strange stand-off over Iberdrola’s plan to phase out coal,