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At Last Government Accept IIAC Recommendation

With the acceptance of the IIAC recommendation the next steps will be the prescription so what is the likely qualification? According to the IIAC document click here • You have worked for ten or more years in aggregate which involves use of hand-held powered tools whose internal parts vibrate so as to transmit vibration to


Former miners and their families together with retired workers from the home staged a last show of defiance outside the home in Skegness. For years the home has provided respite for many thousands have enjoyed the fresh sea air from the prime location on the sea front. For some reason CISWO gave instructions that the

SPECIAL FEATURE: International Solidarity UK and Ukrainian Miners

International solidarity between the miners of Ukraine and the UK goes back a long way. It was Welshman John Hughes and Welsh miners who travelled to Ukraine to develop the Donbas coalfields in the Nineteenth Century. In the fifties and sixties there were regular trade union exchanges. During the 1984/5 strike the Ukrainian miners raised


NUM / unite the UNIONThe meeting was hosted by the NUM in Barnsley with Jerry Swain (National Officer Unite), Graham Walton (Unite Shop Steward and Coal Combine Secretary), Nigel Yaxley (Managing Director CoalImP) and Chris Kelsey (Communications Manager Banks Group).The need to raise awareness of the serious situation regarding the coal industry was discussed at


Opened 3 Sep 2018 Policing during miners’ strike: independent reviewCloses 30 Nov 2018 Contact Overview This is a general call for evidence on the impact of policing on affected communities in Scotland during the period of the miners’ strike from March 1984 to March 1985. Evidence is sought from affected individuals and representative groups.

Miners’ Skegness Home Under Threat

The closure of The Miners’ Retreat, Skegness formerly the Derbyshire Miners’ Convalescent Home, would be yet another blow to those who worked in the coal industry. The home which is open to all with mining background has been open since 1939 and according to CISWO is still in high demand “the level of demand for

Why Do MP’s Not Sign Early Day Motions?

The latest briefing paper on the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme placed in the House of Commons Library 25 July 2018 is worth a read (click here). The paper covers the issues raised by mining MP’s who were members of the NUM at the time and those that continue to help. It also acknowledges and references the

When Is An Increase Not An Increase?

Correct me if I am wrong but most MPS pensioners over 65 won’t know exactly what separate headings constitute their pension let alone what each figure is and how it is worked out. So, when they are informed that the “Guaranteed pension (excluding GMP) is the heading that actually gets the 4.2% rise they are

NUM Fight For Fairness in Ill Health

Miners who are not able to work due to ill-health say they are not to blame for the closure of mines and yet with the closures they are no longer able to apply for an early pension due to ill-health that is unreduced, and this is a cause for concern.   The issue has been raised